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Every business owner wants to track their success, there is one term to measure and track your business success called a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Let’s see how KPI works in Digital Marketing.

Key Performance Indicator:

“Key Performance Indicator is a matric to help track and measure the success of your business”

Every Digital marketer wants to track their Efforts or we can say the result where he/she implements their works. theirs lots of metrics to track like Return on investment (ROI), Returns On Ads Spend(ROAS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Website visit, Form submission, etc.

There is a main 5 KPIs in Digital Marketing:

  1. Website Traffic
  2. SEO
  3. Paid Advertising (PPC)
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Social Media Marketing

Website Traffic:

One of the most popular metrics in Digital Marketing KPI. Every business needs website traffic because without a website you can’t grow your business online. More customers visit the website you have more chances to get more sales.

If People visit your website they got more information about you and your Product/Services. You have to measure monthly visitors to your website. Also, you can check how they behave, which page they are visiting, and Which page has a good conversion rate.

Work on your Content, Connect your blog with internal linking so they can spend more time on your website, and Optimize your Website Speed (People don’t have time to wait, if your website is not loaded within sec they will bounce back and try another Website. so, better to improve your page load time)

Use Google Analytics Tool to track this behavior.


Organic traffic is one of the most popular terms in this domain without paying any single amount you will get traffic on your website.

Creating backlinking from the good and authorized websites. then its high chances to rank on the Search Engine Result Page. Is not only the term to rank on SERP there is also another On-page SEO technique that you have to implement on your website for better results.

You can also track how many websites link to your website and which links are affected to your site.

In your post Use keywords that most people are searching on the search engine to get traffic to your website. Use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.

Use Marketing Analytic tools to measure how many organic visitors visit your website in a month. that would be better to Measure your SEO KPI will work or not.

Getting a higher rank on the search engine result page means that you have more chances to increase website traffic.

For website Audit, you can use MOZ Tool Which gives you all possible suggestions for getting a higher rank on Search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Most industries are using pay-per-click platforms, for their business, you can also say that they are using a paid advertisement for their business.

With the help of KPI, you can track all the fundamentals of your paid ads and improve accordingly.

Choosing your goal and targeting the right audience is the most important thing when you’re going to run any ads on Google AdWords.

Make an effective Landing page so users spend more time on the website and it will help to buy service.

If your CTR is low then you have to work on your ad content to engage more people through it. People only click on the ad if the ad’s content is relevant to their query or if they are interested in it.

How to calculate CTR? Click Here….

Quality Score:

Google gives a score to your ads between 0-10, this KPI will help to check your ad Score.

Google ads quality score is a rating given based on multiple factor-like relevancy of keyword used, CTR, Landing page, Page load time, etc.

Better the quality score ads rank will get will be improved without spending more. Between 7 to 10 quality scores will be good.

Biding Strategy:

Click here to read the strategy of  CTR, CPA, CPC, and CPM  (This blog post will help you to know, how this will work and how to calculate it.)

Social Media:

When someone says Social Media then we definitely think about Like, Comment, and Share these things come to mind first.

Yes, if you’re doing Social Media Marketing for your business then this thing is important but it’s not that much easy as you think.

Key performance Indicator shows the health of your social media platform they will show whether the platform really helpful for your business or not so you can track your success by calculating your social channel KPI.

This Best 5 Digital Marketing KPI helps to track your business success.

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