How SEO Will Help To Rank On Search Engine in 2022


In this digital era everyone searching for their query on the internet and they got lots of solutions/answers on the search engine result page and the result comes according to the SEO algorithms. Let’s See how SEO will help to rank on the search engine result pages in 2022.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO is a totally unpaid technique.

Search Engine Optimization has mainly Three primary functions that help to rank on a web page

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

If someone searching for any query on any search engine then Bot/Spider crawls every related web page and finds an exact solution or answer for that query. So, what thing Spider will consider for better ranking?

So, there are two types of SEO ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO.  This On-Page, OFF-Page technique help to rank on the web page. (Read here the factor of SEO)

Strategies for SEO: Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

I read somewhere that “Early success is a scam.. great things take time”. People always hate long-term games they want a quick result they don’t have patience.

When it comes to SEO then this is also a long-term game. That’s why people use Black hat techniques for quick results. Black hat SEO is used to rank a website that violates search engine algorithm/guidelines, going against search engine rules. 

Black Hat SEO means Keyword Stuffing, hidden text, cloaking, paid links, etc. using this technique people get quick website traffic for short terms. but after that google will be penalized that website and blacklist that site forever.

On the other hand, White Hat SEO is exactly the opposite of Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO is used to rank a website by not breaking any rule or algorithm for better ranking.

Implementing White Hat SEO Techniques is good for your business and website that gives you a better result.

  • Offer good quality Content
  • Make your site mobile friendly
  • Meta tag
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate


Once Bill Gate says that “Content is King”  YES! Nowadays people are looking for valuable content which gives them quality knowledge.

When someone searches on google about ” HOW TO MAKE A TEA” So the user expects the whole step-by-step procedure of making Tea with easy and friendly language. But you’re not explaining well the step of making tea then the user is unhappy with your blog post and he will be bounced back from your website. This means the user says to google that the post is not useful. Because you are not providing good quality content to that user.

Tips for Good Quality Content:

  • You always need to know what users are looking for when they visit your website.
  • Always target your audience, and find what they exactly looking for.
  • keep the paragraph short and simple.
  • Use informatic images that help to engage with your post.

Bounce Rate:

The bounce rate indicates the percentage of the total visits to your website without visiting other pages is called as Bounce rate.

Bounce Rate = The total number of one-page visits/Total number of entries to a website. 

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

  • If It’s higher than 80% then the website has some serious issues.
  • If the Bounce rate is between 70% – 80% then the site performing poorly.
  • If 50% – 70% then the Average performance.
  • If the bounce rate is 30% – 50% These numbers are considered excellent.
  • If the bounce rate is below 20% then the site has a tracking problem. (Because these numbers are very difficult to achieve)

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is one of the most important things in SEO. Your ranking depends upon what keyword you are using for that particular blog post or is that keyword related to the query that the user searches on the web page.

For keyword research, there are a lot of tools/websites available on the internet using that tools you will get an idea of which keywords are good for your blog post.

Website for keyword research:

Keyword Density refers to the number of times a keyword appears on the given web page or The number of Percentages of the overall word count on that web page.

The formula of Keyword Density = Number of time keywords used on the web page/Total number of words on the page. 

Good keyword density is around 1-2% or a maximum of around  6%,  after the 6%  article is considered spam, according to the algorithm of SEO.

What Is DA & PA:

Yes, Domain Authority and Page Authority are also important for ranking.

Domain Authority is calculated by multiple factors such as including linking roots domain, and the total number of links into a single domain score. DA score between 0 to 100 percent. with high percentage get better ranking strength.

Page Authority predicts that how well a specific web page will rank on the search engine result page. based on backlinks and social sharing etc.


Backlinks is the link created from one website to another website.

if someone link to your website then you got a backlink from them and if you link to another website then they have backlinks from you.

Creating Backlinks is an OFF page technique, Backlinks tell the search engine that the content is valuable and worth it. But not all backlinks are valuable…….

If you want to rank higher on the Search engine result page then you have to create quality backlinks for your website or blog post.

One quality backlinks are always better than 100 low-quality backlinks.

  • Always create backlinks from trusted websites.
  • Make sure that the website or blog post is related to your niche.
  • DO FOLLOW Links

There are “Do Follow” Links & “No Follow” Links.

Creating Do-Follow links helps to improve website authority, domain rating, and keyword ranking. Everyone wants do-follow links but just keep in mind these links come from the only respected sites.

A No-Follow link or backlink is a link that does not pass authority on to the website. These links do not help in terms of SEO.

So, I hope this blog post helps you to get an idea about How SEO will help to rank on search engines. The most important thing about SEO is that there is no Short cut for ranking. You have to implement all ON Page, and OFF Page Techniques without breaking the Search engine algorithms.

Thank You.








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