How To Protect Your Business From LOCKDOWN


How To Protect Your Business From LOCKDOWN

The year 2019 was very hard for every single business because of the coronavirus. everything was shut down no one can know how to face it and People don’t know this situation would be affected to business.

Before 2019 every business owner planning for how to earn more, where to invest, how I can rank, how to become a billionaire no one can plan for their health, exercise, yoga but corona teaches us how health is important, money can’t give you a healthy life.

business Survive in pandemic

Because of Corona Virus, huge changes come in the world like remote working, consumer shopping behavior, global advertising spending, and essential industries like food, medical, travel, and transportation Everyone starts living digitally. Every time LockDown is not a solution for Corona Virus we have to find a way to live with it.

Let’s see the few points on how to run a business in lockdown:

Start Work From Home Procedure: 

In this situation work from home is the best way to run a business because of lockdown it’s not possible to come physically to the office so Working from home is the best choice.

lots of automation tools available in the market give them demos Set some rules around this process such as logging in at the right time, breaks, communication set up, etc will give a sense of professionalism between your employees and clients. Setting up video conferencing and morning meetings will ensure the day’s workload is set up and achieved by the end of the day.

Maintain Good Relation With Contracted Parties:

In this pandemic difficult to pay out to our partner and 3rd parties. However, it would be helpful to give your vendors, suppliers, landlords, etc. sufficient notice in case there is going to be any delay in payments so that they can also be prepared and there is no bitterness in this already difficult time.

Develop a communication plan to reach out to your clients, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders, etc. tell them any changes you do in your policy.

Upskill Your Staff:

Wherever possible, try your best to keep your staff. You could train your existing staff on additional skills, which could make them more efficient, rather than hiring more staff. There are a lot of online courses available on google and these will allow them to focus on other areas of the business. Digital marketing is the best field to learn in lockdown because with the help of Digital marketing you can promote your product/services without any physical activity.





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